It was a pleasure working with all the team members at Slick promotions; they showed to us they are a team who commits 100% to their customer, providing outstanding customer service while providing quality products on time and on budget. 

Justin Voss - Network Gaming, Business Development Manager


SLICK understands our brand, our demographic and knows how our merchandise should look. Quality of the merchandise from top to bottom of the line is a must. Our relationship is one of mutual respect and trust – its good to know SLICK has my company’s best interests at heart. This is a professional and motivated team. Their staff really are a pleasure to deal with.

Lindy-Lou Bateman - MONA Shop Merchandise Manager


From the moment the concept was originally presented to me, I could see the possibilities to create great sales and to add value to our company with this very colourful, cheery and appealing line of products. The long standing relationship between Slick Promotions and Cadbury is further enhanced by their ability to continually source new products. Slick Promotions has always understood our need for quality items which adhere to our rigid guidelines and our need to be able to achieve good margins. 

Jill Clayton and Deb Smith - Cadbury Visitor Centre, Area Managers


I just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been working with the SLICK team for the last 4 months. We are very proud of what we (SLICK and The Chargers) have done. We have things available for fans from $3 up and have a great cheer pack for $7.50 that includes thundersticks, sticker and a crazy straw. Amazing value for the kids and we still get to make money from this. All the time your team have worked with us to create a new club, create a new atmosphere at games, create renewable merchandise and bring our dream alive.

Bridget van de Kamp - Hobart Chargers, Director of Merchandise, Membership, Media and Communications